Studio Policy Fall 2017

Important Dates

Lessons will run from September 5th-December 22nd.  The entire semester includes 16 Lessons.  The studio will be closed from September 20th-22nd for Rosh Hashanah, and November 22nd-26th for Thanksgiving.  Students with lessons on those dates will be offered make up lessons.


Every student will begin with a 30-minute evaluation. The evaluation will be used to assess student level and interests, as well as give feedback.  If the student has never played piano before, this will serve as an introductory lesson.  Tuition not only includes a weekly scheduled lesson, but also advanced preparation of lesson plans including original exercises and compositions composed specifically for each student, written end of semester progress reports, and open communication throughout the week via email and/or telephone regarding any questions students and/or parents may have regarding lesson material. Tuition cost varies based on location of lessons and is due at the end of each lesson.

Termination of Lessons

In the unlikely event that a student does not adhere to proper decorum, the teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons for that student.

Books & Materials

Students are required to bring a manuscript notebook and pencil to each class.  Students may be asked to purchase certain books for lessons, however most of the material will be provided as either printed worksheets or pdfs.  Students are strongly encouraged to bring a recording device to each lesson to get the most out of what is being taught.


Students are expected to attend every lesson.  If the lesson is taking place at the studio, they are expected to arrive on time.  If the lesson is taking place in your home and the teacher arrives late, the missed time will be made up.  If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, the lesson will be made up promptly.  If a student needs to cancel a lesson, it must be done 48 hours before the lesson is to take place.  If a cancellation is made within 48 hours, the student owes tuition for that lesson.  Exceptions will be made if a student gets sick or has a family emergency.